The husband is very funny
The husband is very funny
Just know pregnantly The husband is very funny
Pregnancies have been already 17 weeks, the husband is more and more funny, he will often lie prone and ask me on my stomach, why has not the baby reacted? Does he still live?

My husband woulds like to speak with baby, only say three sentences every day: Baby hello, I am your father. I am a good person.

After the 4 month such as baby, I call husband give son make prenatal guidance, he lie prone in me at the belly to baby with say like the intonation of the lobo very much: "You sleep for me quickly in egg egg! Otherwise father makes your wind wind " What prenatal guidance this is called!

I send the acting spoiled with the husband each time, the husband says to the baby sticking to the belly: Kick your mother.

And I lay letting him count the fetal movement each time, he sleeps very fast, the good method that really lulls.

Baby's movements have grown up now, can see the obvious rolling of belly sometimes before sleeping every day. The husband sees that always very nervous, talk about the baby, what are you doing? Then touch the stomach and say, don't move, sleep quickly. If move some day, he very nervous, left strike Right deviation knock at, say baby, you worked up.

I tell husband each time, the baby has kicked me again. He will say very conscientiously: Waiting for him, I kick him, help you to revenge.

My husband heard from me that said to the baby in all seriousness after the importance of the prenatal guidance: "Baby, I am father, the theme which we will speak is to watch TV today. OK, begin to watch TV now, you should be a bit quieter! "

I let my husband sing for the baby to listen to, he sings: We are pests, we are pests.

Remember once doing Ultrasonography B, the husband enters together accordingly, when the baby is moving on seeing the screen, he is so excited as to speak in succession the sound is different. While seeing the baby that long vertebra, he says excitedly: Oh, have tails!
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Don't let the person loving you deeply injured
Don't let the person loving you deeply injured

If you do not love a person, please let go, let others have an opportunity to love her. If the person that you loved gives up you, please unlock oneself, let oneself have an opportunity to love others!
Anything you like, can belong to you either again, anything you yearn, destine, want, give up too again, have a lot of love in life, don't let easy to become one injury.
Some fate is to destine to be lost, some fate will not have a good result forever, love one might not want, have, have one must love him.
The man has cried, because he really likes; The woman has cried, because she has really given up.
If it is a kind of injury to be sincere, I choose the lie; If the lie is a kind of injury, I select reticently; If silence is a kind of injury, I chose to leave.
It loses to be bitter, you afraid of, pay, if fan bitter, you will choose, conclude, it pursues to be bitter, you will choose, obstinately stick to a wrong course, it separates to be bitter, it is poured out to whom you want, many things were all seen clearly later, many things did not feel bitter at all at that time, way when but I have already looked for not to come.
One kind loves, like deeply obviously, but can not say. One kind loves, want to give up obviously, but can't give up. One kind loves, know perfectly well it is the suffering, but Üo is not opened. One kind loves, know perfectly well that there is not future. But the heart can not already been got back.
I cried at that time when determined to give up you, my tears proved I really loved you very much.
Shall we say good-bye forever? Love you for not being game. It is wholehearted to love you. Forget you and I can not do. Whether our settlement is perfect, cancel the finger, agree not to say good-bye again.
What is the courage? Whether love me crying for you, or let you leave crying.
The man's confidence, to his worship, the woman's arrogance is from adoring to her of a man from a woman. Never culture man that you love, you make him very good in culture, result have only two: He scorned you or him for stealing for somebody from then on. The tactics of courting a person do not need to be too clever, but the tactics left must be very clever!
Why did we never know how to treasure the people at the moment? In the reunion that can not foresee, we thought we always meet again, always have chance with and know, always thought that had an opportunity to say one sound was sorry, but had never thought of waving and bidding farewell each time, may say farewell to, every sound of sighs may be a sound of last sigh of human world.
A man's loneliness is the such collapsing at the first blow. If a woman stretches out hands to me, if her finger is hot. It has been actually already unimportant to me who she is.
Love only because lonely perhaps, need, let, come on love alone, even there is not any final result.
The wound is the shame that others offer, the illusion that oneself insists on. The person like me, always present in the emotion in the form of a difficult problem.
Find that can only love a person in a moment oneself. And the selfishness changed gradually.
A lot of people do not need good-bye, because just pass by. Forgetting is the best commemoration each other that we give.
I do not know how much can be given to another person in ten years a person's life can have.
The love can be a thing in a moment, and can be a thing all one's life too. Everybody can love different persons in different time. Without who who it is not no unable [url =javascript.: ; ]It live ' /url ],it it is for we strong not to forget.
People such living beings, it is all scratched up originally to see suddenly carefully. The love, everybody has different feeling. The cost seeking the old dream again could not be often afforded by us. The happiness in this world, always make people a bit more goodlooking. Because of smiling, I find out about love.
Everything on one's body, seem to be careless, but it is I that arrange with patience and enduring resolve, hope you are happy. You say: Not so good as giving a pair of rain shoes to me. Not so good as, you give a spring rain to me. Even if I shed tears, in the rain, difficult to be seen by you.
The affairs of human life actually all come when it is appropriate, just we have no appropriate mood to meet it.
Because love her, leave her. I like this sentence. Some emotions are so direct and cruel. Can't hold any warmth full of twists and turns. Taking the warm mood to leave, it is better than the pale truth, it was too quick that the pure thing died.
The emotion is know how to be a kind of happiness, is known how to be a kind of loneliness waiting for!
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So-called God's will
So-called God's will
The teenager is extremely frivolous, have not been treating God as the toy all the time
That time becoming stories in some things
Heart-rending, but there is not pain
Understood at last, a lot of things can be got with faith by making great efforts

However, regret it is a regret after all
Then, since I say comforting
The defect is a kind of favor too
Life of the passing, defect of the defect, love of defect
In fact the life is originally a kind of defect
I understood at last too
The ones that must be destined in the irritated life of accepting are incomplete with the defect
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As it always goes, having chance with has no share
As it always goes, having chance with has no share
Having chance with has no one, it is that you find one day all of your all devotion of insistance are nonsensical;
Having chance with has no one, it is you that must give up the life accompanied with another person daily;
Having chance with has no one, let you realize the helplessness that there is no grief greater than the death of the mind profoundly;
Having chance with has no one, it is the excuse of the cowardly party in the love;
Having chance with has no share  
The most important thing is - -Have chance with, have copy must depend on no one you, care for no one, living on well of one.

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